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This August 23rd, Bahamas will be set to air the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant directly to your television set and computer screens from the Atlantis Resort located on Paradise Islands in the beautiful Bahamas.  rs3hcavbke


“Access Hollywood”  TV personality Billy Bush is returning to emcee the event and  his lovely co-hort will be Claudia Jordan of “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Deal or No Deal”.


No news yet who will be the entertainment for the event asides from a bevy of international ladies vying for the top spot. Actually it could go to the backstage look at what really goes on at these competitions. In recent years, pageants have been plagued with catty drama and it would be cool if we can get a reality tv-style view of it. But considering since Donald Trump is still managing to produce this, I doubt that he would want any more dirty laundry aired out on his enterprise.

Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza will pass on her title and crown to the new winner in customary fashion. And the newly crowned Miss Universe will continue on the humanitarian work assigned.


Passport?  Check!

Flight Tix? Check!

“Now what else do I need to stay in the Bahamas for _____ days?” Let me guide you…

See, the beauty and the beast of the Bahamas is that its very Americanized. You can practically find everything the necessities you have in the states out there but {and this is a big booty here} where to find it and how much its going to cost is the question. No one wants to be stuck on Paradise Island with a serious case of the Runs with no Imodium in sight. Yeah you can shrug this off to common sense but its amazing how that gets thrown out the door when in panic. So take this blog entry and print it – share it with all you know who may be considering vacationing on the Country with many islands. 

  1. Off!:   Yeah, don’t it twisted. Those blood suckers can sift you out through the masses. True, your resort or your hotel may accomodate for that but you got to find your way to the Hotel or Resort. And G-forbid that its raining season – sheesh!
  2. Benadryl, Ibuprofen & Penicillin (exactly in that order): Because if you are like, and like to dabble into exotic food – you just might bite into something that you wouldn’t normally be allergic to {likewise add Imodium if you havent already}. I love conch (pronounced Konk) and I eat in the States any chance I could get. But Island Conch and Red Lobster Conch is not the same -doesn’t matter who prepares it. I visited during Raining Season and caught an ill sore throat. I didn’t want to speak, swallow nor spit. I just stayed mum. The swelling was intense and I could have relieved my pain with some Ibuprofen which I carry in the states like an officer carries a gun. {My hindsight is 20/20.} Penicillin or Amoxycillin – just cause. Since finding a doctor as a native Bahamian is tough/costly, I can only imagine what getting a doctor as foreign would be. Since Bahamas is strict with foreigners impeding on their livelihood, I would hate to see the bill from any hospital visit out there. Safe is always better than sorry.
  3. A Map: preferably a detailed one of Bahamas. Yes its true you can travel the Island of New Providence in one hour  {we did it}, but the different neighborhoods, districts and communities is what strikes me most. Yeah, you can also drive Manhattan in one hour, {if done at 4 a.m. on a Monday morning when there’s no traffic} but you can miss the all important “being there” and experiencing Bahamas stuck in moving metal. Even moreso, a map of all the islands to better understand that the Bahamas is more than Paradise Island: there is Exuma, Eleuthera, Bimini and Freeport. How would you know about it if you didn’t have me to tell you? That’s why you’re here.
  4. An Open Mind: Yeah it sounds ethereal but its true. There is sooooooooooo much to do out there that I never thought I would ever get into, but with an open mind {and a trusting heart} I totally dug. Most people want to travel to the Caribbean to continue living their status quo life while on vacation. Sit on a beach? Yeah that’s nice. Take a dip in a pool? Why when you are surrounded by Ocean , but okay that’s cool. Eat a high-priced restaurants who only fill a quarter of your plate? If you want to, but I won’t. That’s what the River Palm/Luxe Cafe/Cheesecake Factory is for. But if you’re anything like me: wants to get a deal out of every situation, mindful of their money, spends their vacation as carefree and adventurous as possible than venture beyond your hotel, the resorts and the popular tourist spots.

Hope you enjoyed the first installment of your Bahamian Packing List. Expect more tips soon. Zoom-zoom!

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Date: Monday June 22nd          Time: 7:08 pm               Mood: Burnt Out       

Music: The Sweet Sensei Sounds of Bob “More Ganja Please” Marley – Waiting in Vain

“I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love…”

I hate Mondays just like anyone else living in this rat race capitalistic society but today the dread lingers on me like chinchilla in 90 degree heat. Its drags me down and its taking its toll on my bones. Welcome to Metro NYC and from the first scent of morning dew – I knew today would be a bitch. You know that feeling? But you inconspicously deny your intuition and play it off like it’s just life grabbing you at your jugular. But its not; your denial has you fronting like this was made from the best stuff on earth.

Today NYC awoke to another mere 65 degree morning, no radiant sun, just blotchy skies and we call this summer. As I release Lucky from his cage to relieve himself, I closed my eyes and daydreamed that I was actually in Bahamas, soaking in the rays. But when I returned to my senses, dreary gray NY appears all over again.  It became quite evident – yeah, this is it for me. Stick a fork in this – I’m done.

“From the very first time I set my eyes on you girl, my heart said follow through…”

God Bless the Caribbean – for they know not what they have. I have been traveling across our Southern neighbors {way south} since 2000. I swore, everytime I landed at JFK, that I had got to leave the US and settle in the Caribbean to start something out there. My excitement (and dread of NYC congestion, traffic and pollution) would have my senses on high, bragging to everyone I would meet how amazing my time in the Caribbean was. But much to my dismay, my Caribbean born-USA bred family and friends looked at me with bewilderness and taunted me to get a grip. “How would you survive?”, “Where would you live?”, “How would you eat?” are questions that would bombard me to sway my enthusiasm and convince me to stay put. Oh and it worked  – until June 11th 2009. My first time in the Bahamas.

Ahh – this is the perfect cocktail of laid-back Caribbean Laissez-Faire blended with American Amenities. And this concoction soothes my burning desire for better living and quenches my drought of an “easier life”. But of course, all things come with a price. Everyone forewarned me about the higher cost of living due to the enormous import duties levied on foreign products sold within. And of course, all business expenses are reflected on consumer sticker prices of staple items like Hair Care, Clothes and Food. My Organic Hair Mayonnaise that offsets heat/sun/chlorine damage to my easily fried hair would cost me $6.49 for half the size of my $10 container bought at my local NY Sally’s. But I am not going to let that phase me – when there’s a will, there’s a way.

 “Tears in my eyes burn, tears in my eyes burn – while I’m waiting, while I’m waiting for my turn…”

This time my arrival back at JFK was different. I felt it and it exuded from my core on out. This time I did not seek approval from people who bitch and complain about NYexpenses raping their pockets, but never budge to do something about it. I didn’t express my joy to sh*t talkers who cry about how hard times have hit but stand there taking the blows and punches. NO! I refused to stay around these crabs who hem and haw about what could have been, should have been or wished it would be. I’m going to do it, not talk about it. And if its doesnt work – NY isn’t leaving anytime soon. So get the Visine, I am clearing off this smeared mascara and venturing off to the land of 14 islands and 31 districts and I plan on giving you the scoop about each and every one of them. Welcome to Anything Bahamian, the nitty-gritty ins and outs of real Bahamian life: passion,  food and culture. Jump aboard and kick back – the first conch is on me. =D

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